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Bo Snerdley: AP story on Maui is a mind bender


The Associated Press published a story on the deadly fires on Maui that is a chilling mind bender. “In deadly Maui fires, many had no warning and no way out. Those who dodged barricades survived,” declares the headline.

The story describes what happened as residents fleeing the fire tried to head out of town on the only road with access to a major highway. There were barricades on the road and many of those trying to escape turned back. They were caught in what turned out to be a deadly and horrific traffic jam that cost them their lives.

“One family swerved around the barricade,” says the AP, “and was safe in a nearby town 48 minutes later.”  The story continues to describe other residents who ignored the barricades put up by authorities whose lives were also spared, because of their decisions.

The AP points out that some of the barricades were put in place beached of the “downed power lines,” which contributed to making the Lahaina fires the deadliest in America in over a hundred years. And of course – those downed power lines could present a life-threatening hazard to anyone unfortunate enough to come in contact with them.

But the fact remains. According to the AP, some of those who disregarded the barricades survived. Many who simply were turned away did not. While I cannot and would never advocate people wantonly disregarding the instructions of civil authorities, at the same time I cannot avoid the truth. There are times, when your best judgement – is the best judgment. Despite what anyone, in a position of power says.

In this post-pandemic world, for instance, there are people who have decided to ignore the official narrative, and make decisions about their own health, based on their own best judgement. Many of them are routinely castigated by those who demand strict compliance with whatever the “experts” say.

Perhaps this chilling mind bender of a story will give some of the “strict compliance” crowd something to think about.

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