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Daily BS mug shots 8-29


Good morning!

It’s a great morning for mug shots! Tucker has dropped a new truth bomb interview and actor Jon Voight’s just-released video is a MUST!

But first, I have to get this one off my chest. I have no idea if this is real, but I confess that this made me chuckle. I know. I know. But, I’m only human.

Change my mind. I am begging someone to change my mind on this.

Jon Voight has a powerful message, but it comes with a sobering warning.

Here is Tucker, as promised!

This reaction to the “white supremacy” tag trending on Twitter-X went viral yesterday. In case you missed it …

Please pay attention to this. As I said yesterday, they start SLIPPING IT ALL BY YOU on the local level because nobody is paying attention.

If you have not watched this, please do. It’s just a reminder of how we are being hosed and Donald Trump is being railroaded, but it’s a very powerful reminder.

Please feel free to comment on this one.

This tweet does not give a timeline so we have no way of knowing when it happened, but it is creepy nonetheless.

Speaking of creepy. Here is another news flash that we have to dig into.

Lots of news to chase today. We gotta’ run. If you want ALL THE DAILY BS, please sign up for the daily BS email news blast ( they are totally free).

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