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Tucker gets into some hot BS in Portnoy sit down; reveals how he REALLY feels about Fox News


For a fun and entertaining twist, Tucker Carlson hosted Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, for his twenty-first episode of “Tucker on X.”

The wide-ranging topics started with insights into the entrepreneur’s recent business moves, including an eye-popping buyback of his company followed by mass cuts to trim fat. The two bonded about their “never apologize” stand against haters and their similar “what you see is what you get,” take on themselves.

At times Tucker was more in the guest seat than that of the host, as Portnoy asked him to spill his thoughts on some hot topics. One of them is Fox News.

“They let me say whatever I want. Whatever I wanted really for 14 years, and I’ll never stop being grateful for that,” Carlson said. “And then obviously, I said too much. And I’m not exactly sure what I said that was bad. No one ever told me. But one day, they were like, ‘Nope! Can’t have this anymore.’ And they fired me.”

“And I even told them as they were firing me, like, ‘It’s your business … I made a mental note: Never work for anyone else again, and I never will.”

“But I can’t be mad about it … my feelings weren’t hurt. I was not expecting it!”

The sly fox he is, Carlson reiterated that he wasn’t mad at Fox News. “I would never want to stick it to Fox. I’m not mad at Fox,” he said in his sincerest tone, but later in the talk he threw in a few deep digs that could go completely unnoticed if you were not paying attention.

On the topic of Trump and Fox News, for example, he talks about how bad the network’s policy is and asks how they can call themselves serious news people.

“They don’t like Trump,” he said. And he was very clear about that! Carlson later added, “News companies that host the debates are so rotten and corrupt.”

Both men agreed that Trump and Biden are too old to be president before touching on the age problem and the scary health of elderly lawmakers like Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Mitch McConnell.

Carlson released an unmistakable sharp direct hit on the Senate minority leader, saying” McConnell post-stroke is an improvement over McConnell pre-stroke.”


Portnoy, who is known for helping small businesses and for his famous pizza reviews, brought a bonus clip to the interview that is an expletive-filled hot take of his latest review gone off the rails!  Watch it all here:

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