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Daily mug shots 9-5


If you are joining for the first time, you are about to experience a morning jolt of fresh news and social events we find interesting and buzzworthy — presented in small shots. We call it the Daily BS mug shots and our hope is that it will trigger some healthy discussion. It’s best enjoyed with a cup of fresh brew ( whatever your preference).


Good morning! Jumping right in. There’s a lot of good stuff this morning.

Poor Jill Biden. How did she get Covid again? Joe promised that could not happen.

Elon Musk is suing the Anti-Defamation League in an interesting twist. You can read more details about this story in the Daily BS or get the stack. 

And, here is the best example of how the fools on the left responded:

This is no joke! “Today is the deadline for the National Archives to produce the records related to then-VP Joe Biden’s pseudonyms. NARA has informed us that the emails and records have been sent to representatives for former President Obama and Joe Biden for their approval to be…”This is why so many Americans would vote for Trump even if he sits in a prison cell. Find the full story on the Daily BS news page or sign up for the stack.

Not cool!

By the time the public accepts the censorship, we in the media have already experienced it behind the scenes for years. AP has a whole rule book with unacceptable words, like “illegals.” It has been a scam for over a decade, but just like with Facebook, nobody wanted to believe it.

Speaking of Facebook. One case in point…

We are not sure where this is from but it is pretty self-explanatory in any language! As usual, Mr. Woods says it best.

Rosie sticks up for Trump and his supporters. She is pretty fearless.

This feels a little staged, but we liked it.

Another fearless comedian. God bless them!

We wanted more of Rob to end our morning. Gotta run! Have a great day!

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