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Judge responds to motion for recusal after she’s BUSTED saying Trump should be imprisoned


D.C. Judge Tanya Chutkan has responded to Trump’s legal team’s motion seeking a recusal from her based on her own biased comments regarding the former president.

While her tilt has been evident to anyone without Trump Derangement Syndrome, Chutkin and friends have not yet acknowledged her inherent partiality or have willfully chosen to ignore it in the hopes that the former president will be locked up without a fair trial.

According to the motion, filed by Trump’s legal team, Chutkin herself made the comments that Donald Trump should be prosecuted and imprisoned, prior to this present case now before her, making neutrality appear somewhat of a challenge.

The disqualifying statements made in October of 2022 were in reference to the events surrounding January 6, noting in part her frustration that while others were being prosecuted, Trump was still “free.”

Chutkin stated, “It’s a blind loyalty to one person who, by the way, remains free to this day.”

In December of 2021, Chutkin stated that it was her belief Trump was singularly responsible for the events that took place on January 6th and should be prosecuted for such.

Chutkin said the results of the 2020 presidential election were clear-cut, but that is actually not the case, as information regarding fraudulent voting activities are still being debated to this day.

Judge Chutkin has garnered an infamous reputation as being merciless on January 6th defendants who have come before her.

Read excerpts of the motion highlighted in tweets by Techno Fog here:

Following Trump’s motion, Chutkan issued an order demanding Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team file any opposition within three days and warned Trump’s legal team to give Smith notice before filing such a motion or risk having future motions “denied without prejudice.” This was her exact response:

Judge Chutkan Warns Trump Lawyers In Order Responding To Demand She Step Down From Jan. 6 Case

Integrity and a moral compass apparently have no place in the persecution, excuse me, I mean prosecution, of Donald Trump, and this endless witch hunt shows no signs of letting up.


  1. In my opinion she is biased as hell and should be disqualified if not impeached. Trump will never get a fair trial in DC except before the SC. She has been merciless towards defendants let her have a taste of her own medicine.

  2. This “judge”is a complete disgrace to OUR COUNTRY. She needs to be REPLACED.

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