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Duke prof: ‘no way’ QB gets extension after win, since his teammates already turned it in


Campus Reform, Kayley Chartier

A Duke University professor refused to let his student’s heroics on the football field compromise academic standards.

After leading the Blue Devils to a 28-7 upset win over #9 Clemson on Sept. 4, Duke quarterback Riley Leonard pleaded to Sanford School of Policy professor Donald H. Taylor to extend his late homework that was due at midnight that night.

The ACC Digital Network shared the video of Leonard on its Twitter account. “Dear Professor Taylor, Please excuse @rileyleonard13_, he was busy becoming a LEGEND! 😈Sincerely, @DukeFOOTBALL,” the tweet read.

“Professor Taylor, if you are seeing this, please let me turn in my homework late, because it’s due tonight- I think at 12, so it may already be 12.” Leonard pleaded in the video.

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Professor Taylor responded in a video posted to the Duke University Twitter account.

”Hey Riley, great game last night man, it was so exciting, congratulations to you and all your teammates,” Taylor said. “But you know, Wesley Williams and the other linemen who were in the class, they said they prepared ahead and did it ahead of time, so why didn’t the quarterback? So no way, man, no extension.”

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Duke’s Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, which is separate from the Sanford School of Public Policy but still within Duke University, lists its academic policies on its website. The policy for excused late work is that the student should discuss with their instructor and the academic dean about the late work and that the instructor could mark the gradebook for the assignment with an “I” for incomplete work so the student can complete it when they have time.

“An Incomplete is appropriate for limited amounts of late work due late in the semester, and is at the discretion of your instructor and academic dean. Approval is not guaranteed.”

The late work in the fall must be completed by the end of 5th week of the spring semester and incomplete work must be on the 5th week in the fall semester. Professors or academic deans can also set an earlier deadline.

Campus Reform contacted the individuals mentioned for comment. This article will be update accordingly.

Republished with permission from Campus Reform

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