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‘A felon and a fraud!’ Jesse Watters wants Fauci locked up after WILD report he ‘frankensteined’ bats on U.S. soil before COVID-19


Dr. Anthony Fauci “frankensteined” bats on U.S. soil one year before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, according to a report that Fox News host Jesse Watters addressed on the air.

Freedom of Information Act requests made by the watchdog group White Coat Waste Project led to the discovery that a year before the global pandemic, U.S. taxpayer money was used in coronavirus experiments.

Documents show that “in 2018, Fauci’s goons went to the Wuhan lab, bottled up a virus and then brought it to America,” Watters told viewers on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

“The National Institutes of Health (NIH), under Dr Anthony Fauci’s leadership, infected 12 Egyptian fruit bats with a ‘SARS-like’ virus called WIV1 at a lab in Montana in 2018,” Daily Mail reported Tuesday on the investigation. “The WIV1-coronavirus was shipped from the Wuhan lab the FBI believes caused the Covid pandemic and was tested on bats acquired from a ‘roadside’ Maryland zoo.”

Watters shared these details on his show with a laugh at the irony of it all.

“Fauci frankensteined bats on our soil a year before the pandemic, but then he acted all shocked when the virus started spreading,” he said.

“The government knew the Wuhan lab was playing with the viruses. We played with them there, too. We played with them here. We funded it,” he continued. “But Fauci and his goons tried to play it off like ‘we never heard this before.'”

Justine Goodman, the senior vice president of the White Coat Waste Project confirmed the information that Watters had just shared with viewers.

“Fauci is a felon and a fraud whose bloodlust for torturing animals in laboratories was so unquenchable that they were rounding up bats from zoos,” he said, condemning the “stockpiling” of “dangerous and incurable viruses” as a “recipe for disaster.”

The “kicker” according to Goodman is that the Montana lab in question is still in existence and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is “currently spending $125 million of COVID relief funds to expand its bat labs.”

This shocked Watters who exclaimed, “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” and demanded the parties involved all be locked up.

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