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‘Race lady’ Joy Reid sinks her fangs into ‘white nationalist Dracula’ Stephen Miller


Joy Reid, the “race lady” on MSNBC, is up to her familiar tactic of dehumanizing white Americans amid growing concern about people being violently attacked because of their lightly pigmented skin.

Former White House senior adviser Stephen Miller was the target of Reid’s race-baiting on Monday, as she peddled fear over a second Trump presidency. Recent polling showing Trump ahead of President Biden has the Kool-Aid drinkers on the left worked up in a lather.

Labeling Miller a “white nationalist Dracula,” Reid warned of a “Trump army” that will allow the former president to become a dictator if elected to office a second time — remarkably, Comcast allows this drivel to be spewed daily on national television.

“Much of what Donald Trump wants in a second term is no secret at all,” the affirmative-action host said on her little-watched show.

“The Project 2025 collection of policy proposals to give him all sorts of dictatorial powers has been in the works for years now, with the help of the Heritage Foundation,” Reid suggested. “Axios reports on efforts to pre-screen the ideologies of thousands of potential Trump foot soldiers as part of that unprecedented operation, to expand his power at every level of government, noting that hundreds of people are spending tens of millions of dollars to install a pre-vetted, pro-Trump army of up to 54,000 loyalists across government to rip off the restraints imposed on the previous 46 presidents.”

In other words, Trump will do what every newly elected president does and install people friendly to his agenda where he can — given his history of dubious choices, perhaps Reid need not fear.

“One of the chief architects of Project 2025 is a former Trump adviser, Stephen Miller, the White nationalist Dracula behind draconian and cruel Trump immigration policies like the Muslim ban and separating immigrant children from their families and putting them in cages. That Stephen Miller has even more disgusting, racist immigration plans for a second Trump term,” Reid spewed.

Of course, in order for Trump to put illegal immigrants IN cages he would first need to release them from the cages the Biden administration has been holding many of them in.

The pride of MSNBC cited the New York Times in the fearmongering she directed at her low-information viewership.

“Trump is planning an extreme expansion of his first-term crackdown on immigration if he returns to power in 2025 — including preparing to round up undocumented people already in the United States on a vast scale and detain them in sprawling camps while they wait to be expelled,” the Times reported.

With an astounding 8 million illegal immigrants reportedly flooding into the U.S. in Biden’s first 3 years in office, nearly doubling the existing population, the article warned that Trump’s plans “would sharply restrict both legal and illegal immigration in a multitude of ways.”

More from the newspaper:

Mr. Trump wants to revive his first-term border policies, including banning entry by people from certain Muslim-majority nations and reimposing a Covid 19-era policy of refusing asylum claims — though this time he would base that refusal on assertions that migrants carry other infectious diseases like tuberculosis.

He plans to scour the country for unauthorized immigrants and deport people by the millions per year. […]

To ease the strain on ICE detention facilities, Mr. Trump wants to build huge camps to detain people while their cases are processed and they await deportation flights. And to get around any refusal by Congress to appropriate the necessary funds, Mr. Trump would redirect money in the military budget, as he did in his first term to spend more on a border wall than Congress had authorized.

When noting how dutiful Reid is in regurgitating the anti-Trump propaganda, you can better understand why she remains on air.

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