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WATCH: Campus anti-Semitism is attempt to dismantle the West, prof claims


Campus Reform, Nicholas Giordano

Campus Reform Higher Education Fellow Nick Giordano sits down with CUNY Law Professor Jeffrey Lax to discuss the alarming surge of radicalization within college campuses nationwide. As pro-Hamas protests flare up on college campuses, many college administrators and faculty have been largely muted in their response.

The absence of an unequivocal condemnation of violence against innocent people and terrorism underscores the decline of our higher learning institutions.

Professor Lax has been warning about the increased radicalization on college campuses for decades. He explains that the current wave is a manifestation of deep-rooted anti-American sentiments pervasive on college campuses, and he contends those organizing these events are Marxists. The agenda is clear. They want to dismantle Western civilization. This poses a direct threat to the core principles of America and higher education.

He also explains how a large part of the problem stems from our open borders and the dissolution of anything resembling an assimilation process. He warns how the situation is reaching a boiling point.

Republished with permission from Campus Reform

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