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‘Bad News for Hunter Biden’: Potential second indictment doesn’t look good for president’s son


CNN Senior Legal Analyst Elie Honig believes the latest developments in a Hunter Biden investigation do not look good for the president’s son.

Speaking of the latest that has unfolded in the probe of President Joe BIden’s son and ostensibly his failure to pay taxes, Honig expressed that the grand jury convened by special counsel David Weiss may mean it is “more likely” there will be a conviction in the case.

“It’s bad news for Hunter Biden any way you slice this,” Honig told “AC360” host Anderson Cooper on Thursday.

“Let’s remember, he already has a pending indictment in the federal district court in Delaware for the firearms-related charges,” he said, referring to charges on a gun purchase that Biden made in 2018 when he was illegally using drugs.

“And now he potentially is looking at a second indictment out of California,” he added

According to a CNN report:

Special counsel prosecutors are using a Los Angeles grand jury to seek documents and possible testimony from multiple witnesses as part of the ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, according to people familiar with the probe.

James Biden, President Joe Biden’s brother and a one-time business associate of Hunter, is among the individuals who have received a subpoena in recent weeks, according to two sources close to the investigation.


“The use of a grand jury in California’s central district, which has not previously been reported, indicates special counsel David Weiss may be preparing to seek new charges against Hunter Biden,” CNN noted.

The developments were further analyzed by Honig on the air as he expressed things “may get worse” for the president’s son.

“And if we think about the potential tax charges here, it’s important to keep in mind, when Hunter Biden went into court a few months ago with DOJ, they had a deal that he was going plead guilty to misdemeanor tax offenses, and they agreed. DOJ and Hunter Biden agreed that he had failed to pay over $1 million in income taxes that he owed,” he said.

“So assuming, which I think is a fair assumption that DOJ has evidence of that, that feels like the minimum charges he may face. It may get worse,” Honig added. “But it’s important to understand the fact that there’s a grand jury does not ensure that there will be an indictment, but it certainly does make it more likely. And that’s a problem.”

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