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Biden’s statement about 4-year-old American hostage blasted as creepy and cringe


President Joe Biden’s “cringe” comments after the release of hostages held by Hamas left many on social media scratching their heads and simply disgusted.

The president spoke about the hostages freed over the weekend in an agreement between Israel and Hamas and chose to tell the story of the youngest American held hostage, Abigail Mor Edan, who turned four while in captivity.

“She’s free and she’s in Israel now,” Biden said Sunday, saying that she’s “been through a terrible trauma.”

“What she endured is unthinkable,” he added of the child whose mother was killed before her eyes and who “ran to her father, who was gunned down while using his body to shield her, before running to neighbors for help,” CBS News reported.

And while the president’s recounting of the little girl’s tragic story was admirable, his speech eventually – and predictably – went sideways when he made a remark that ignited an immediate backlash.

Users on X were quick to express their thoughts on Biden’s latest jaw-dropping statements – although he added to the growing list by also expressing that the traumatized orphan must be experiencing “joy” at her release from the barbaric terrorists.

The backlash was relentless.

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