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Post on how 21-yr-old hostage showed ‘appreciation and thanks’ to Hamas goes mega-viral


A social media post about one of the freed Hamas hostages has exploded online with over 9.5 million views, thousands of condemning responses, and a Community Note from X users.

An account under the name Maree Campbell shared a picture of 21-year-old Mia Regev who was released by Hamas terrorists on Saturday. Regev reportedly was admitted to the hospital in Israel upon her return “in need of complex treatment,” according to The Jerusalem Post which also noted that ” her 18-year-old brother, Itay, who was at the party with her, remains a prisoner of Hamas.”

Regev was seen in the photo shared on X by Campbell, who is described in the X bio as an analyst and journalist. The caption accompanying the image set the social media platform on fire.

“I’m not a facial expression expert, but judging by the look in her eyes and the expression on her face, I’d say that is a look of appreciation and thanks,” she wrote. “Might it be that she is saying thanks for being treated unexpectedly well whilst in captivity? 🤔”

Thousands of X users, many notable names in the media and political world, raked Campbell over the coals for the suggestion that Regev’s face seemingly expressed her gratitude to the Hamas terrorists.

A Community Note hit the post as well.

“Mia Regev was shot by Palestinian terrorists before they abducted her & her brother. They held her with a bullet wound for 50 days as a hostage and only released her pursuant to an agreement freeing convicted criminals from jail. She needed immediate medical care upon release,” the community note read.

Israeli government spokesperson Eylon Levy, former Mitt Romney adviser Dan Senor, conservative talk host Dave Rubin, actor Matthew Marsden, former Rep. Adam Kinzinger, and commentator Jonah Goldberg were among the thousands who torched Campbell on the platform.

Campbell declared that the community note should be “rated down” because of an “unreliable source.”

And she doubled down on her premise.

The user fired back at many of the comments but was effectively drowned out by all the negative remarks.

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