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Tucker and Alex Jones make drunken prank call to Brian Stelter on speaker. Here’s how that went.


Tucker Carlson sat down in a deep and friendly discussion with the controversial political pundit, author and podcaster Alex Jones and showed, as is his tradition, that you don’t have to like or agree with someone to have a real conversation with them or dig deeper into their story.

On a side note, it appears that Carlson is genuinely fond of Jones. The interview was predominantly serious in nature. but the two had some good laughs.

The conversation runs over an hour long and it is worth listening to, but if you are in the mood for humor, you can skip to the part where the two giants in media recall drinking the night before and prank calling Brian Stelter on speaker phone. Stelter, the former CNN host who has been the subject of Carlson’s brutal mockery for years also has a history with Jones. Listen to the shenanigans below and catch the whole interview after.

Listen to the whole interview: