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Comer to Newsmax: ‘I’ve quit going on Fox & Friends because of Doocy’


U.S. Rep. James Comer revealed the reason behind his decision to avoid making appearances on a popular Fox News morning news show,

The Kentucky Republican and House Oversight Committee chairman was in the middle of a Newsmax interview on Tuesday when he admitted he will not go on Fox & Friends” because of co-host Steve Doocy.

“Forget the Democrats like Dan Goldman who say there’s no evidence,” Newsmax host Eric Bolling said as he spoke with Comer about the House investigation into President Joe Biden.

“My concern is when the media, especially the conservative media, starts siding with the Bidens. Listen to Steve Doocy over at Fox saying you don’t have evidence,” he added as he played a clip of Doocy.

“The Republicans at this point don’t have– they have a lot of ledgers and spreadsheets, but they have not connected the dots. They’ve connected the dots, the Department of Justice did on Hunter, but they have not shown where Joe Biden, you know, did anything illegally,” Doocy said in the “Fox & Friends” clip Bolling highlighted.

“Well, I think we’ve done a pretty good job connecting the dots. We’ve traced two checks from influence peddling schemes going directly into Joe Biden’s pocket,” Comer responded.

“Why would Doocy say, after all the work you’ve done, that you have nothing?” Bolling asked.

“He’s had that position from the very beginning. I’ve quit going on ‘Fox & Friends’ because of Doocy, you know?” the GOP lawmaker replied.

“I mean, he’s the one guy on Fox that’s been very critical of the investigation. I have my theory why, and we’ll talk about that at a later point, but at the end of the day, he’s entitled to his opinion, but I don’t think the average viewer of Fox News agrees with Doocy one bit,” Comer contended.

“Even 40% of the Democrats are concerned that Joe Biden has violated the law with his family’s shady business,” he concluded. “The American people expect somebody to investigate the president of the United States for public corruption, and thank God the Oversight Committee is.”

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