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Tucker Carlson releases jaw-dropping taste of upcoming interview with Jeffrey Epstein’s brother


Tucker Carlson is kicking off the new year with a bang, releasing footage Monday of the brother of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who will be interviewed by the former Fox News host in the upcoming days.

“The U.S. government claims Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in a federal detention facility in Manhattan four and a half years ago, just before his trial,” Carson wrote in the caption accompanying the video he posted Monday.

“If that’s true, why are there so few records available from that night?” he asked.

“Here’s Mark Epstein trying to get a copy of one of the most basic documents of all, the prehospital care report, written by the EMS team that moved his brother’s body out of the cell,” Carlson wrote, adding, “We’ll be interviewing Mark Epstein soon.”

The video purportedly shows Mark Epstein engaging with a clerk at the New York Fire Department as he tried to get his brother’s prehospital care report. The clerk informed him that the report was not in the department’s database, but was not sure why.

“I don’t know why. It’s supposed to be there, we’ll find out,” the clerk can be heard telling Epstein.

“But first, you’ve got to get the letters of administration before you can take them anywhere,” he added as Epstein noted that his brother was brought to the hospital first after being found unresponsive in his jail cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City on August 10, 2019, reportedly after hanging himself.

At one point in the video, another person can be heard suggesting that “they have a private unit at the scene,” asking, “could they have taken him somewhere?”

Before being fired from Fox News, Carlson had taken on the questionable chain of events that unfolded at the Manhattan jail the day of Epstein’s death.

Early in 2023, Carlson spoke on the “Full Send” podcast where he slammed former United States Attorney General Bill Barr for halting the investigation into the death of Epstein.

“I don’t want to overstate what I know,” Carlson said. “I’m just telling you what I do know. He was killed.”

Documents related to the deceased financier are set to be released in court in the coming days with an anticipated list of over 150 names to be unveiled, reportedly including that of former President Bill Clinton.

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