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Dan Crenshaw UNLOADS on United Airlines after ‘unhinged’ agent allegedly assaulted his dog


Using X as his platform, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw unloaded on United Airlines over an ongoing dispute involving his wife and the alleged abuse of his dog. It started with an “unhinged” airline agent and has escalated into much more.

Crenshaw has videos and recordings of the episode and the aftermath. He says that the airline’s lawyers have threatened him and will retaliate after he goes public. It is pretty evident that they poked the wrong bear!

Listen and watch.

“This is one of the more aggressive videos I’ve ever had to post,” Crenshaw wrote along with his scathing and methodical video evidence.  “You really need to see it all the way to the end. You’ll see a United agent grab the dog and personal property, and you’ll hear the shocking recording of my conversation with that agent’s supervisor (the VP of Operations) here in Houston.”


Crenshaw continued on X:

“I fully expect United Airlines will attempt to retaliate against me. They’ve already sent me multiple veiled threats regarding my ability to travel in the future. Because they have a monopoly on the routes I need to DC, I don’t have much choice but to fly them. I honestly did not want to post this. I tried to resolve this privately. I know there are good people at United. But these two individuals need to be called out. And their terrible corporate leadership needs to answer a simple question: do you condone this behavior?

Instead of doing anything to accept responsibility for their bad behavior or try to correct what is clearly inappropriate and problematic behavior, United, through its representative and lawyers, have threatened me personally and taken an irrationally hostile approach to this incident. Many of you have shared your stories of being mistreated by an airline agent on a power trip. It’s time to start considering legislation that protects passengers.

These airlines took tens of billions of dollars from taxpayers. United took $10.9 B and owes us better than this. Details forthcoming. This isn’t ending anytime soon.”

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