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Tucker Carlson’s fmr. head writer at Fox jabs ex-boss over Catturd interview: ‘it needed to be said’


Tucker Carlson dropped the latest episode of “The Tucker Carlson Encounter” in which he met up with the social media personality “who made Adam Kinzinger cry.”

In the episode posted on X, Carlson interviewed ” Catturd” – the social media personality with over 2.2 million followers who has remained a bit of a mystery as he kept his real identity hidden while dropping social and political commentary that got plenty of attention.

While the interview was applauded by many of the fans of both Catturd and Carlson, it seems there was some disappointment – even negativity – aimed the the former Fox News host.

Gregg Re, a former head writer of the Fox News show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” jabbed his one-time boss over the latest interview and the direction of his online shows following his previous dominance as host of the most-watched cable news show.

The former show writer posted that “you’re one of the few people willing to say it out loud, but it needed to be said” in response to a comment by Chris Brunet, a contributing editor for The American Conservative.

Brunet contended that Carlson on Fox News may have delivered “timely, live, and fiery monologue on the border/fencing SCOTUS,” for example, rather than interviewing “accounts with a bunch of followers” so they repost.

But not only did Carlson’s interview with Catturd cover many impactful topics, such as the dangers of censorship, the current political parties, and the social landscape affecting today’s America.  As for commentary on the verdict from the Supreme Court regarding the border, Carlson commented in a specific post on his X account.

“So it’s unanimous: everyone in power, from the White House, to the hedge fund managers, to the Supreme Court of the United States has decided to destroy the country by allowing it to be invaded. That leaves the population to defend itself. Where are the men of Texas? Why aren’t they protecting their state and the nation?” he wrote, generating plenty of concurring responses.

As for the interview with Catturd, the social media star took to X later to thank supporters and mention how nervous he was to meet with Carlson.

And while there were a few who echoed Re’s sentiments about the new Tucker Carlson, many others disagreed and gladly dropped some reality checks.

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