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Fetterman’s dress up TUXEDO hoodie isn’t amusing, it’s disrespectful and he’s a slob


Senator John Fetterman appeared to be poking fun at his critics as he stepped out for a date night with his wife dressed in his trademark hoodie – but with a twist.

The Pennsylvania Democrat shared a photo of himself wearing a hoodie with a tuxedo design and his Brazilian wife Gisele on his arm. The picture, posted to X, was captioned “Date Night” and comes amid rumors that the couple’s marriage is having problems.

Reportedly at a “fancy DC dinner,” the senator once again flouted rules of decorum as his tuxedo hoodie was paired with black shorts. Meanwhile, his wife was decked out for a fancy night out and wore a black mesh sequined dress.

In the comments on the post, Gisele Fetterman added a cropped version of the photo with her husband partially cut out.

“Better now,” she wrote in what was likely a joke.

Fetterman, 54, and his wife, 41, have been married for 15 years, and speculation about their relationship came this week after she reportedly deleted her social media accounts. Reports indicated that this was due to the negative comments over her husband’s unwavering support of Israel and his other views that have recently pitted him against the Democrat narrative.

But she later seemed to be back on X where she explained her actions.

The senator himself dismissed the rumors of his marriage being on shaky ground.

“She’s right upstairs in my office right now. And this is absurd. I am not even sure why that we’d even be addressing,” Fetterman told on Wednesday.

“I don’t even understand why there’s rumors because my wife clearly got tired of the online abuse from the same kind of crazies that show up at my home on Friday nights,” he added.

“So how that now can turn into there’s an issue with our marriage is outrageous,’ he added. Like I said, she’s here in town right now and everything is wonderful,” Fetterman said, calling the rumors “very strange.”

Meanwhile, despite the marriage speculation, X users weighed in on Fetterman’s newly sported tuxedo hoodie and his continued fashion challenges.


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  1. Just another nail in the coffin of western civilization! This isn’t about his political views, some I like most I don’t, but on his vision that somehow this is all a joke and nobody gets it except him.

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