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Guardian Angels physically take down migrant thug during live Hannity spot


The drama of New York City’s crime scene briefly unfolded during a live segment on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program.

The host of “Hannity” was mid-interview with Curtis Sliwa and members of the New York crime patrol organization, the Guardian Angels, when an altercation took place off camera as an unidentified “migrant” was confronted over alleged shoplifting.

Sliwa, who founded the group in 1979 and lost a 2021 mayoral bid to Eric Adams, was flanked by Guardian Angels in busy Times Square as he spoke with Hannity about the ongoing migrant crisis in the Big Apple during Tuesday’s show.

When one of the men ran off-camera, followed by the rest of the group, Sliwa was left on camera by himself and explained to Hannity what had happened.

“Our guys have just taken down one of the migrant guys right here on the corner of 42nd and 7th while all this is taking place,” he said. “They’ve taken over!”

The Fox News host asked for the camera to be turned so viewers could see what was happening. A man was seen surrounded by the Guardian Angels and then forced to the ground where he was restrained as Sliwa was heard saying, “It’s out of control.”

Later in the show, Sliwa and the Guardian Angels returned on air to explain what had transpired moments before.

“He had been shoplifting,” Sliwa alleged. “The Guardian Angels spotted him, stopped him, he resisted, and let’s just say we gave him a little pain compliance. His mother back in Venezuela felt the vibrations. He’s sucking concrete, the cops scraped him off the asphalt, he’s on his way to jail, but they’ll cut him loose.”

“We gotta take 42nd Street back, Sean. These illegals think they own this street, they think they rule the night. This is our country, if they can’t abide by the rules, then we’re gonna kick ’em back from where they came,” he continued.

He asserted that despite NYPD being told to keep “hands off,” their group of Guardian Angels “don’t keep our hands off.”

“You shoplift, you commit crime, you assault people, you don’t belong in our country and we’re gonna make sure you pay a price for that,” Sliwa concluded. “We gotta fight for what we know is right and you saw a little bit of this. They got a little bit of taste of what the Guardian Angels are gonna do to liberate Times Square from them.”

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