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Bo: Texas boy, 10, killed by repeat invader


The tragic consequences of the Biden Administration’s de-facto “Open Borders” policies continue to reverberate through American society.

CBS 7 in Midland, Texas reports a 10-year-old boy, leaving his school, was struck by a hit and run driver who was later apprehended. The child was in critical condition when the news first broke, but later died of his injuries.

The alleged driver is Rogelio Ortiz- Olivas who also uses the name Ortiz Perez.

In the past, Mr. Olivas was deported from the United States of America.

He entered again – illegally.

He was deported again.

He again entered, illegally.

Mr. Olivas was once again deported.

And once again Mr. Olivas returned, illegally to America.

Authorities deported Olivas again.

Olivas illegally crossed American borders one more time.

Rogelio Ortiz-Olivas deported on four previous occasions was once again deported.

Persistence. Once again – he illegally invaded America.

This is criminality on parade.
It is part of the malfeasance of the Biden Administration’s open border policy – but it is in part caused by the sanctuary policies that serve as an incentive for illegal aliens to cross our borders without fear they will be prosecuted.

Americans are dying in this invasion.

One political party in America could care less.

They have sided with the invaders.

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  1. They have sided with the invaders because they are traitors who also want to destroy the Constitution and, especially, the Bill of Rights. They are more in sync with Communist China than with the United States. The sadness is, too many good, caring citizens have bought the left’s propaganda, like fourth graders who vote for Sue as class president because she promises ice cream every Friday.

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