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SABO: MIGRANT HOOKERS $20 at Home Depot, but they want to arrest ME



Desperate people will do dehumanizing things to provide for their families.

I’m hearing that migrant men who congregate at the local Home Depot parking lots are no longer just begging for day labor, they are now prostituting their wives, daughters and girlfriends to make enough money simply to eat and to afford shelter from the winter storms in Denver. When the temperatures hit the minus-twelve degree mark a month ago I couldn’t help but wonder how they managed to survive. It’s not enough that these women had to deal with the reality of rape trees while crossing our porous border, now they’ve become sex workers to keep from freezing and starving to death.

They called my art “Hate Speech” never once address the realities they represent. When the Nazis visited Picasso’s studio, one of the interrogators picked up a post card with the image depicting the bombing of the Basque village of Guernica, he asked, “did you do this?” to which Picasso responded, “no you did.” In the same spirit, I didn’t create those signs that read, “MIGRANT HOOKERS $20” the legislators within the State Capitol in Denver created them. I simply hung them at their doorstep for all to see what they had done.

A news report suggested that what I did was a crime of vandalism, that I could be charged with criminal mischief. I’d laugh if it weren’t so sad. 30,000 illegal aliens in Denver with a predicted 20,000 more by years end bankrupting the city and local hospitals … and they threaten me with arrest. They conned millions of the world’s poorest to trek thousands of miles for a better life, many of whom died, were raped, some forced to smuggle in fentanyl, are now indentured servants to the cartels that smuggles them in and they go on about me breaking the law.

It’s those people in that Capitol building who should be arrested, the mayor, the governor, the legislators – including the feckless Republicans while we’re at it.

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  1. They really hate it when you turn the lights on in the room when all of a sudden everyone can see them and their work. Irresponsible and irrepressible roaches, the democrats and, as he says, feckless “republicans”, run for the corners to hide and when they can’t they point at you as the source of all the troubles they have caused or ignored. These signs aren’t only for the political miscreants but also for all the people who voted for Biden and the democrats who caused the problem and continue to support them to this day. The sign damage is interesting in that I’ll bet that whoever did it has not personally sponsored a single one of these illegals and taken them into their home on their personal income. If they have they probably consider them indentured servents now. Democrat hypocrisy on display as plainly as that sign.

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