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Videos of FBI showing up at homes reportedly over social media memes spark fear in Americans


Videos are being shared on social media that purportedly show an alarming trend with President Joe Biden’s Justice Department.

“This has been happening much more these days,” wrote former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell on X in response to one such video.

“Wake up, America,” he added.

.The video allegedly shows the unfolding scene as a trio claiming to be FBI agents arrive at someone’s home regarding “memes she posted on social media criticizing Joe Biden,” according to the Libs of TikTok account on X.

After repeatedly being asked to identify themselves by name and credentials, and to show their identification, the men continued to refuse, though the person filming seemed to say the IDs were shown at one point before the video began.

Some social media comments note that federal agents are not allowed to have their credentials photographed or filmed, thus the refusal to comply with the request. However, there did not seem to be any explanation given for their refusal to provide the information.

Other users on X reacted to the video posted by Joel Fischer.

Some urged caution as the video did not provide enough context.

In a separate video, an FBI agent allegedly came to question someone over a threatening tweet. It was reposted by Republican Senate candidate in Arizona, Kari Lake.

In the comments, the X user verified that the video and the incident were “100% real.”

And there was more clarification on what the FBI visit was about.

While some comments continued to debate the veracity of the videos and the identity of the purported FBI agents, many on X were just disturbed by the optics.

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