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Jesse Watters untwists jaw dropping facts on gag order: ‘the judge’s family is getting rich off Trump trials’


“Orange man bad.”

That is the justification for the unrelenting legal onslaught against former president Donald J. Trump. But how does one defend the raw, in-your-face distortion of the law that seems to have become the norm?

The perversion of the American justice system is happening in warped time under all of our noses with the assistance of a complicit media and at the direction of the dirtiest of lawmakers at the very top.

On Jesse Watters Primetime Tuesday, the Fox News host untwisted the facts, and these facts should scare the hell out of every single American citizen with a pulse.

“Trump’s been banned from talking about the judge’s family in the so-called hush money case in New York. Why? Because the judge’s family was paid by the Biden campaign and is currently being paid by Adam Schiff. Trump isn’t allowed to say the judge’s daughter is a Democrat consultant whose clients are fundraising off Trump’s indictment. The judge’s family is getting rich off Trump trials… and he’s presiding over one.”

Even Trump’s sworn enemies can see the danger in this blatant corruption of power. How does this end for the rest of us?

Monthly payments from Adam Schiff’s campaign committee to the judge’s daughter, Loren Merchan’s Authentic Campaigns company in 2019 and 2020:

1/19: $167,649
2/19: $37,500
3/19: $257,500
4/19: $7,500
5/19: $57,500
6/19: $119,264
7/19: $7,500
8/19: $25,000
9/19: $145,000
10/19: $250,000
11/19: $57,500…

— Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) April 2, 2024

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