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NBC News contributor suggests threats to Barron Trump: ‘How do you feel about that, Don?’


NBC News National Security Contributor Frank Figliuzzi is one of many TDS-afflicted talking heads in the media who perpetuated the false narrative that Donald Trump “attacked” Judge Juan Merchan’s “innocent” daughter, justifying the expanded gag order that was issued to silence Trump from pointing out the raw bias of the judge presiding over his “hush money” case.

In an ironic comparison, Figliuzzi brought Trump’s children to the table during a discussion with SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah. Here is the exchange via Mediaite transcripts:

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: Frank, on that very point, staying on the on the April 15th election fraud hush money case. So there was a limited gag order imposed on Donald Trump, and then Donald Trump, after that, then begins posting attacks of Judge Merchan, on the judge presiding’s daughter by name, and even sharing a link with a picture of her.

And, you know, Alvin Bragg’s office just asked on Friday for an extension of the gag order to include families of the judge, families of the DA, families of witnesses, and–just take a step back. The idea that you have to protect the families from the defendant and the defendant’s allies, even in mob trials. Was that a concern?

FRANK FIGLIUZZI: Yeah. Oh, my! Yeah! I’ve seen it myself in my own FBI career. Family members threatened. Even in one case, killed.


FRANK FIGLIUZZI: You, you — this is a legit concern. And I don’t know what human decency is left in our society anymore, but the idea of attacking a judge’s daughter just because she’s the judge’s daughter, or even even let’s assume whatever he’s got in his head about her political affiliation or whatever. What? What’s the point of that? What, what is the point of that?

And if you turn the tables around, if you’re a decent human being and you say “Would I want, my kid attacked publicly in this environment, violent threat environment we’re in?”.

How do you feel about Ivanka or Barron? How about Barron being threatened? How do you feel about that, Don? You know, we’re in a realm where civility and decency has long been thrown out the window. So I think it’s a no-brainer, Dean, that the judge will extend the, the gag order and to include everybody’s family members.


The so-called attacks on Truth Social by President Trump simply pointed out that the judge’s daughter is a political operative out to get Trump and she is likely making money off of the trial her father is presiding over, with the help of Adam Schiff. What exactly does Barron Trump have in common with this?

Monthly payments from Adam Schiff’s campaign committee to Loren Merchan’s Authentic Campaigns company in 2019 and 2020:

1/19: $167,649
2/19: $37,500
3/19: $257,500
4/19: $7,500
5/19: $57,500
6/19: $119,264
7/19: $7,500
8/19: $25,000
9/19: $145,000
10/19: $250,000
11/19: $57,500…

— Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) April 2, 2024

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