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Scarborough rants that Trump voters hate America, trash their own country – and shame on Fox News


MSNBC host Joe Scarborough had an on-air meltdown over former President Donald Trump and his supporters, even blasting Fox News over coverage of the hush money trial that began in New York City this week.

The “Morning Joe” host raged at supporters of the presumptive 2024 Republican nominee, insulting them as being unpatriotic and “always running America down” in a lengthy rant on the air Tuesday.

“Where are you from? Because you may claim to be from where I’m from, but you were not raised by the same teachers I was raised by and you don’t read,” he said during a segment covering the trial in which Trump is accused of making a hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels over an alleged affair. The former president has always maintained his innocence and has repeatedly called out the case as a political witch hunt against him.

“I’m getting tired of saying this to people who claim to be patriotic but hate America, because they’re always running America down,” Scarborough said. “They’re always trashing America. They’re always saying America is horrible, its democracy doesn’t work, we need a dictatorship if Donald Trump doesn’t win.”

The trial in Manhattan kicked off on Monday but Scarborough felt that Fox News did not do its part in covering the proceedings thoroughly enough.

“I’ll just say it, on Fox News, they didn’t want to show Donald Trump in trial, so they got three protests and said, protests shut down America, basically. This weekend, there were like four migrants and a hound dog on top of a hill in New Mexico. They had their four migrants and a hound dog cam on for hours,” Scarborough ranted.

He added to his enraged tirade with a mocking impersonation of a Fox News reporter at the southern border. Evidently, the MSNBC host thought the network should ignore the disaster at the border where the influx of migrants illegally crossing into the U.S. broke records at the end of 2023. Scarborough also seemed miffed that Fox News would report on the Israel war with Hamas terrorists and the many pro-Palestinian protests across the nation.

“They give their viewers anything to try to make America look bad,” Scarborough said of Fox News, in a mind-bending take on actual news reporting.

“They are obsessed on trashing America when America is stronger, more powerful than ever before. Its economy is stronger and more powerful than ever before,” he said.

Social media users were quick to school Scarborough:


  1. With regards to Joe Scarborough I harken back to how Barney Fife described Ernest T. Bass. He’s a nut! That wasn’t Trump supporters lying in the highway blocking traffic. It’s not Trump supporters tearing down historic statues. It isn’t Trump supporters chanting “Death to America”. It’s not Trump supporters who destroyed businesses and killed innocent people during the left’s Summer of Love in 2020. THESE are the people who hate America. The ones who never miss a chance to criticize it.

  2. Well, he’s Scumborough, so…

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