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White Christians becoming primary target in attack on Trump


Robert Kagan of The Washington Post claimed former President Donald Trump is running his campaign on a “white supremacist” platform.

The senior fellow at the Brookings Institution made his assertion in an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart, speaking on the connection of Trump and so-called Christian nationalism.

“You point out that Christian nationalism has been a powerful and often dominant force throughout our country’s history,” Capehart said.

“How does Trump’s embrace and amplification of Christian nationalism compare to what we’ve seen in the past?” he asked Kagan.

“Well, we’ve never seen a presidential nominee, I would say, certainly in the last 70 or 80 years, run on such a frankly sort of white supremacist platform,” Kagan replied.

He began it in 2012 when he first ran for the president by singling out Barack Obama and the birther conspiracy which was essentially saying that the first American black president wasn’t really an American,” he claimed.

“And I think in so doing, he signaled to unhappy whites out there that he was their guy and he has been their guy ever since,” Kagan continued. “And right now, there is a mutually dependent relationship between Trump and this core of white Christian supporters.”

The Christian nationalist and white supremacist argument in the segment won little support on social media where X users gave Kagan and Capehart a reality check.

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