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Biden’s reaction ‘Black-owned’ media company boss ‘is truly alarming’


A video clip of President Joe Biden has gone viral for its sheer awkwardness.

In less than 30 seconds, the president is seen staring blankly at businessman and talk show host Jason Lee who is speaking to him while shaking his hand.

The founder of Hollywood Unlocked and host of “The Jason Lee Show,” which draws millions of views per episode on YouTube, can be heard telling Biden about his “black-owned media company” while the president says nothing.

Lee, who ran for Stockton City Council District 6, tells Biden he’s “been trying to catch up with you” and adds, “I got your back.”

But as Lee tries to engage in some semblance of a conversation, the 81-year-old president stares with a partial smile frozen on his face before turning to his Secret Service detail, leaving Lee talking.

Social media users have viewed the video clip millions of times and the comments have flooded X as users weighed in on the “awkward” meeting.

“Biden’s reaction is truly alarming here,” actor James Woods posted.