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‘I’m sorry, what?!’ JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon blasted for clueless take that Americans are in great financial shape


JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon came under fire for “out of touch” comments he made about the quality of life for Americans in the current economy.

The CEO who is worth around $2.1 billion according to Forbes claimed average Americans are in “pretty good shape” financially during an interview on the Wall Street Journal’s podcast, The Journal.

Despite the crippling financial burdens facing many under President Joe Biden’s catastrophic “Bidenomics,” Dimon said people “still have excess money from COVID” and that consumers are “in pretty good shape right now.”

“The consumer has, you know, unemployment under 4 percent has been there for two years. They still have excess money from COVID,” Dimon said on the podcast. “If you go back to looking at the amount of money that was spent during COVID, it was $6 trillion. Through various means and various programs, they’re still spending it down.”

Dimon sparked furious responses online with his comments and one TikTok user unloaded in a message that resonated with many.

@creativechronicles Things won’t change when the most powerful are out of touch with reality #inflation #eattherich #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – Anna • CreativeChronicles

“My jaw was dropped at the sh** he was saying. It is so f***** out of touch this is the largest bank in America,” TikToker Anna, who uses the handle @creativechronicles, reacted.

‘I’m sorry, what? The stimulus checks that went out in 2020 and 2021, three and four years ago, we’re still spending it down? Who is he talking about, people are not doing well,” she exclaimed. “This country is literally unaffordable, childcare, groceries, you’ve got Kellogg’s out here telling us to eat f****** cereal for dinner. Everything is up in price.”