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Popular children’s content creator Ms. Rachel earns boycott after she tells conservative parents to pound sand


AN educational content creator on YouTube came under fire for a message celebrating the beginning of Pride Month and specifically calling out anyone who has a problem with it.

Children’s YouTube creator, Rachel Accurso, better known as Ms. Rachel, has nearly 10 million subscribers and is popular with content created for babies and toddlers, She took to her TikTok account, “MsRachelForLittles” to deliver her message on the first day of Pride Month.

“Happy pride to all of our wonderful families and friends! This month and every month, I celebrate you,” Accurso said. “I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad you’re exactly who you are.”

“To those who are going to comment, they can’t watch this show anymore because of this support, no worries and much love your way,” she added. “God bless. I am not chasing fame or views, I’m standing strong in love.”

Conservative author and podcaster Matt Walsh gave parents a reality check i response to the video message.

“This is a message to conservative parents,” he wrote on X. “She doesn’t want your business. You should respond accordingly.”

The popular Libs of TikTok account also weighed in.

“Doing my part to spread awareness so parents know what Ms. Rachel stands for!” the post read. “She says she doesn’t want your business if you don’t subscribe to the child m*tiIat*on cult. Pass it on!”

Accurso’s co-star Jules Hoffman, who is transgender and non-binary, sparked outrage from parents last year when asking to be referred to with the pronouns “they” and “them” on the YouTube show. Accurso said she needed to take a “mental health break” after the fallout.

Just last month, the popular YouTuber came under heated criticism from Jewish parents when she announced a fundraiser for children in conflict areas, including Gaza.Accurso eventually disabled comments on the fundraiser post after being called out for not calling attention to the Jewish children affected by the Israel war in Gaza or the hostages taken following the October 7 attack by Hamas terrorists.

“I care deeply for all children. Palestinian children, Israeli children, children in the US – Muslim, Jewish, Christian children – all children, in every country,” she said in a statement on Instagram. “Not one is excluded.I think part of why people respond to the show is they feel that care – I see every child as I see my own. I love every neighbor. Any child suffering is on my heart. To do a fundraiser for children who are currently starving – who have no food or water – who are being killed – is human.”

The latest message for Pride Month has earned Accurso another wave of indignant backlash.

“This woman is sick. This is who your kids love to watch and look up to,” Turning Point USA contributor Morgonn McMichael posted.