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Trump officially asks the Supreme Court to step in before sentencing


Former President Donald Trump is adding his voice to the many who are demanding the U.S. Supreme Court intervene following his conviction in the New York hush-money case.

The 2024 presumptive Republican nominee posted his message on Truth Social Sunday where he said the SCOTUS “MUST DECIDE” following the verdict where he was found guilty by a Manhattan jury on all 34 counts for falsifying business records.

“The ‘Sentencing’ for not having done anything wrong will be, conveniently for the Fascists, 4 days before the Republican National Convention,” Trump wrote in a post on Sunday.

“A Radical Left Soros backed D.A., who ran on a platform of ‘I will get Trump,’ reporting to an ‘Acting’ Local Judge, appointed by the Democrats, who is HIGHLY CONFLICTED, will make a decision which will determine the future of our Nation?” he added.

“The United States Supreme Court MUST DECIDE!” Trump concluded.

“Nobody even knew what the crime was until the Judge gave his Unconstitutional Instructions,” the former president wrote in another post on Truth Social.

“A total Hoax! A case like this has NEVER been brought before. A Country in peril. Election Interference!!!”


House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La) believes the Supreme Court, which has three justices appointed by Trump as president, will get involved in the case.

“I do believe the Supreme Court should step in, obviously. This is totally unprecedented, and it’s dangerous to our system,” he told “Fox & Friends” co-host  Lawrence Jones last week who asked the Republican leader if the Supreme Court has a “duty” to step in.

“I think they’re as deeply concerned as we are, so I think they’ll set this straight, but it’s going to take awhile. You’re right, the process takes awhile to play out,” he said. “The Democrats know this, and they’re dragging it out. That was the whole objective. They want to try to bankrupt Donald Trump. They want to diminish his credibility and go after his character.”

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  1. If this is political warfare, the Dem left are fighting gorilla style while the Repub right are lined up British style. Repub right needs to adapt if they are to survive!

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