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Fox News host Cavuto asks Speaker Johnson: Are you weaponizing the House against Democrats?


House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) emphasized the “clear distinction” between Republicans working to hold lawmakers and officials accountable and the Democrats weaponizing the judicial system.

Speaking with Fox News host Neil Cavuto, the GOP leader pushed back on suggestions of “toxic partisanship” in Congress and disagreed with Cavuto’s line of questioning about Republicans engaging in a “tit-for-tat game.”

“There’s sort of a pessimism that begins to develop, Mr. Speaker, that both sides are just playing this political game, a tit-for-tat game,” Cavuto said on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Wednesday.

“What comes to mind is some of these actions that you have led post-Donald Trump convictions, where conservatives want a floor vote on a bill that would allow current or former presidents to move any case to a federal court. I know Jim Jordan has hinted at denying federal funding for state prosecutors investigating Donald Trump. Measures it probably won’t go very far. So why do them?” the host asked.

“Well, because we have a responsibility here,” Johnson replied. “Congress has very particular duties under the constitution. We have the responsibility of oversight and that’s what we have been engaging in.”

He brought up Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and spoke about how his prosecution of former President Donald Trump was “politicized.”

“I certainly understand where you’re coming from, Mr. Speaker, but are you weaponizing the House–” Cavuto began before Johnson interjected, “No!”

“–the same way you say Democrats were weaponizing the DOJ to get what they wanted?” Cavuto completed his question.

“No, no, there is a very clear distinction between what we are doing and what they have done in weaponizing the judicial system,” Johnson emphasized.

“What we’re doing Neil is the opposite – we are trying to adhere to the rule of law, we’re trying to use the authority and the responsibility that we have in Congress to ensure that people can trust our justice system, It’s absolutely essential to maintain a constitutional republic, and they are undermining the public’s faith in that,” Johnson said. “We are here to hold the line and say no, the rule of law has to be adhered to and we can’t have rogue prosecutors using our courts for political vendettas and that’s exactly what they are doing to Donald Trump and I can tell you that people around this country see that clearly.”

“Do you call this toxic partisanship?” Cavuto asked, citing former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan

“No, I genuinely believe Neil that it’s the opposite,” Johnson pushed back.

“We’re not politicizing it, we’re trying to return to that core principle because it is necessary for us to maintain our system of governance,” he added.

“I don’t disagree with the idea that we are hopelessly divided right now but I do think we can get back to some sanity if we adhere to the Constitution and those core principles,” the speaker said. “That’s what we are trying to advance here every day. This is not politics, it’s the opposite of that.”

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  1. That means they will do nothing of importance. The Democrats will continue to use the government against the Republicans and conservatives and the Republicans will write some more letters. What a useless party the Republicans have been for decades. Who can blame the commies for fighting unfairly while their opposition does nothing?

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