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Trump takes aim at Biden’s border actions in Las Vegas speech


(The Center Square) – Former President Donald Trump panned the Biden administration’s border security plan during a rally in Las Vegas on Sunday.

The speech marks Trump’s second public appearance since a Manhattan jury convicted him in the hush money case.

“For three and a half years, the people of Nevada have had a front-row seat to Joe Biden’s evil and criminal obliteration of our southern border … it’s criminal what he’s done,” Trump told the crowd.

Executive actions announced by the Biden administration last week will bar any migrants unlawfully crossing the border from receiving asylum.

The actions are not permanent, according to the Biden administration, which continued calls for congressional action.

“The current situation is also the direct result of the Congress’s failure to update an immigration and asylum system that is simply broken – and not equipped to meet current needs,” the proclamation said. “While my Administration has vigorously enforced the law within the constraints imposed by the existing system, the statutory framework put in place by the Congress is outdated.”

Trump went on to say Biden’s border plan will benefit human traffickers and drug dealers.

“Millions of people will continue pouring in, and they’re coming right through the border like they’ve never come through before,” he said. “What [Biden] signed means nothing – in fact it makes it easier, in my opinion, it opens the border still further.”

Fox News poll taken after Trump’s conviction found 50% of Nevada voters would back him compared to 45% for Biden in a hypothetical matchup.

During the speech, Trump also pledged to end income taxes on tipped wages and end the Biden administration’s electric vehicle requirements.

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