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Pelosi in FULL SPIN over new Jan. 6 clip of her saying ‘I take responsibility’ over National Guard absence


Republicans contend that a  January 6 video clip of Rep. Nancy Pelosi contradicts her narrative while the former House Speaker is accusing them of engaging in “revisionist history.”

“Since January 6, 2021, Nancy Pelosi spent 3+ years and nearly $20 million creating a narrative to blame Donald Trump,” the Oversight Committee captioned a social media post on Monday.

“NEW FOOTAGE shows on January 6, Pelosi ADMITTED: ‘I take responsibility,'” the post read, accompanied by a previously unreleased video taken on Jan. 6, 2021

The clip, which Fox News reports it reviewed “in its original form,” shows Pelosi speaking with then-Chief of Staff Terri McCullough while being evacuated from the Capitol.

“We have responsibility, Terri. We did not have any accountability for what was going on there. And we should have,” Pelosi says in the clip. “This is ridiculous. You’re going to ask me in the middle of the thing when they’ve already breached…that, should we call the Capitol Police? I mean the National Guard? Why weren’t the National Guard there to begin with?”

When McCullough appears to respond about Capitol security’s belief that they were prepared, Pelosi said, “They clearly didn’t know, and I take responsibility for not having them just prepared for more.”

“It’s stupid that we should be in a situation like this, because they thought they had what- they thought these people would act civilized? They thought these people would give a damn?” Pelosi said. “What is it that is missing here in terms of anticipation? They give us a piece of paper that says walk through the tunnel, don’t walk outside. That’s your preparation?”

Pelosi came out swinging after the video clip was released, taking a shot at former President Trump while essentially telling the public not to believe what they were seeing with their own eyes.

“The former president and his toadies do not want to face the facts. They’re trying to do revisionist history on January 6,” she told MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House.”

“But we cannot let us be dragged into their, again, false impression of what happened that day,” she continued.

“They know what happened that day.,” she insisted, spewing the same argument that Trump incited an “insurrection” and refused to send in the National Guard “for hours.”

“Numerous independent fact-checkers have confirmed again and again that Speaker Pelosi did not plan her own assassination on January 6th,” a spokesperson for Pelosi told Fox News Digital when asked for comment on the video clip.

“As the footage in its entirety plainly shows, Speaker Pelosi sprang into action in response to the attack on the Capitol — mobilizing the defense of the Capitol, urging the Administration to deploy the National Guard and coordinating the continuity of government. Cherry-picked, out-of-context clips do not change the fact that the Speaker of the House is not in charge of the security of the Capitol Complex — on January 6th or any other day of the week,” the spokesperson said. “Three years later, House Republicans are still attempting to whitewash the deadly insurrection.”

But Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., who chairs the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight, pointed out the contradiction.

“Pelosi’s J6 Select Committee spent taxpayer’s money chasing false political narratives and using Hollywood producers for their ‘investigation.’ Her admission of responsibility directly contradicts their own narrative,” he wrote on X.

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  1. Pelosi is such a liar and so good at it. Only one was killed on Jan. 6 Police let the people in the capitol. I could have went that day but too much walking for me. We want freedom. And the house belongs to the people.

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