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‘You’re a piece of garbage’: GOP Congressman SHREDS Paul Ryan for bashing Trump on Fox News


An outspoken Texas congressman ripped into former House Speaker Paul Ryan as a “piece of garbage” who needs to be removed from the Republican Party.

Rep. Troy Nehls minced no words in response to Ryan’s remarks during a Fox News interview, reportedly saying the former GOP leader and current Fox Corp. Board member needs to “grow up” a little.

During an appearance on “Your World,” Ryan was complaining about former President Donald Trump being the presumptive GOP nominee, lamenting that the nation is presented with “terrible choices” in the presidential race.

“I voted for him in 2016, hoping that there was gonna be a different kind of person in office,” Ryan told host Neil Cavuto. “And I do think character is a really important issue. If you put yourself above the Constitution as he has done that shows you’re unfit for office.”

“But what happened?” Cavuto asked. “What turned you? Was it the whole January 6 thing?”

“That’s a part of it,” Ryan replied, insulting Trump’s “character” and claiming that Trump placed himself “above the Constitution.”

The former speaker emphasized that he also does not support President Joe Biden and laughed off previous scathing remarks Trump has made about him, boasting that he is a conservative Republican versus Trump who is a “populist.”

Asked about Ryan’s comments, Congressman Nehls unleashed an unadulterated response, according to CNN’s Manu Raju.

“Paul Ryan you’re a piece of garbage. You’re a piece of garbage and we should kick you out of the party,” the Texas lawmaker said, according to Raju’s post on X. “Don’t go spouting your mouth off and saying that you’re a conservative. You’re spitting in the face of the leader of our party. I mean grow up a little bit.”

Nehls has been a vocal supporter of Trump, telling Raju last month about the importance of getting the former president re-elected.

“Everything that we do in the House of Representatives should be in the best interests of getting Donald Trump reelected,” he said as he held up a tie bearing multiple images of Trump. “This guy right here.”


  1. Ex Congressman Paul Ryan is the SOLE reason DJT’s agenda couldn’t proceed in his first 2 years in office and I hold him personally accountable for the beginnings of all the lawfare against DJT. He subscribed FULLY to the Russia-gate hoax and didn’t have the guts or the intellect or honestly to move past it. He is weak. I’ll call him out-bet he actually voted for HRC. I sincerely question his intellect in politics or his own description of himself as a conservative. Glad he left Congress. Now stay off the airwaves. Fox News doesn’t need additional reasons to fail.

  2. Nice! Stab Trump in the back and say you’re a conservative Republican. MAGA

  3. I HAD high hopes for Ryan. Turned out to be a RINO. Think what could have been accomplished if it wasn’t for ALL THE RINOS in the house and senate. Unfortunatly there is STILL a bunch of them in both houses God help us all.

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