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Steve Bannon tells Tucker he’s willing to be a political prisoner, but ‘we have to win this war’


Tucker Carlson took an unadulterated look at the current “tyranny” in government and “how many of his political opponents Joe Biden is sending to prison.”

In his latest episode of “Tucker Carlson Uncensored,” the host spoke with podcast host and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon after he had been ordered by a federal judge to report to prison by July 1.

Convicted on two counts of contempt of Congress in 2022, the former Senior Counselor to President Donald Trump filed an emergency motion Tuesday with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to allow him to remain out of prison while he appeals the conviction.

Speaking with Carlson, Bannon addressed the case against him and why he’s been targeted as well as the future of his “War Room” podcast amid a looming prison sentence which he sees as an opportunity to “save his country.”

“In my twenties, I served my country on a Navy destroyer, and in my seventies, I’ll serve my country in a federal prison. It doesn’t make any difference to me. It won’t change my life in one way,” Bannon said.

“If I have to be a political prisoner, I’ll be a political prisoner,” he told Carlson. “I don’t bat one eye. Whatever it takes to win this revolution, we’ve got to do.”

Bannon noted that he pays his own legal fees and has questioned the structure of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

“Regardless of what it costs, I’m prepared to go to the Supreme Court on the executive privilege,” Bannon said. “The most important [issue] to me still is the structure of this committee — was it a legitimate committee?”

He emphasized the “war” going on in society at this time in history.

“From the Justice Department to the FBI, to the Wall Street crowd, you can see this everywhere in our society, the attacks on the family,” Bannon said. “And they play for keeps. And I’m so glad that the Alex Joneses and the Tucker Carlsons, and particularly since you had the opportunity to leave Fox, uh, ourselves, and so many others now understand that this is a war to the knife, right?”

“We have to win this,” he added. “If we don’t win this, our country’s going to devolve into some kind of neo-Marxist totalitarian regime of which is pretty far down the road right now. That’s why I don’t fear going to prison, right? I know it’s gonna take my voice off. The war is still gonna on and I keep saying it’s next man up.”

“You can’t lean on Trump, you can’t lean on Tucker, you can’t lean on Bannon, you can’t lean on Alex Jones. This is a populist revolt. You have to step up and do it yourself,” the former Trump adviser emphasized.

“You have to dive in more. You have to do more media showing. You know, become a force multiplier. I’m pretty, uh, happy with where the show is right now, what the audience is gonna do with the team that we’ve got, but it’s clear that they’re playing smash mouth,” Bannon continued. “And I just think we have to wake up and the, and the, and the Jim Banks of the world, and the Jim Jordans, and the Speaker Johnsons – you have to understand, we’re in a political war and an information war. And you gotta start fighting like you’re in a war.”

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