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‘Mommy Jill’ achieves most CRINGE moment of the night at little Joey Biden’s post-debate rally


If President Joe BIden’s uninspiring performance in the first 2024 presidential debate has Democrats worried, his wife’s cringey pat on the back afterward did nothing to help.

In fact, First Lady Jill Biden’s praise of the feeble 81-year-old’s debate performance and calling former President Donald Trump a liar triggered strong reactions on social media where many users recoiled at the optics.

“Joe you did such a great job! You answered every question, you knew all the facts,” she said before a cheering crowd as her husband stood by with a frozen grin.

“What did Trump do? Lie!” she led the crowd, shouting into the microphone.

In one after another reaction on X, the word “cringe” was used to describe Jill Biden’s moment of praise for the president.

Video of the president being led off the debate stage by his wife seemed to reinforce all the worries.

“She should have used a wheelchair,” snarked radio host Bo Snerdley.

And that came on the heels of what even Biden’s supporters think was a disastrous performance in Atlanta, Georgia. Though some chose to ignore the facts, like  Vice President Kamala Harris, who told CNN, “It was a slow start but a strong finish.”

CNN’s own flash poll showed Biden solidly trounced by Trump. Viewers of the debate weighed in and 67% saw Trump as the winner at the end of the night with only 33% who believed Biden won the debate.

Former CNN commentator Chris Cilizza called it a “disaster” which Snerdley found “very telling.”

Apparently still in a state of delusion, Biden told reporters after the debate “I think we did well.”

Reporters at an Atlanta area Waffle House asked if he had any concerns about how he did, and the president replied, “No it’s hard to debate a liar, New York Times pointed how he lied 26 times. Big lies.”

While Democrats and the Biden team scramble to spin the disaster into something it was not, Americans can’t be persuaded to not believe their own eyes.

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