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Hunter Biden has started to join White House meetings as staffers wonder, ‘What the hell is happening?’


Some senior White House staffers have reportedly been wondering, “What the hell is happening?” after noticing Hunter Biden around the White House.

President Joe Biden’s son has joined him in meetings and has been speaking with staff members according to “four people familiar with the matter” cited by NBC News.

“While he is regularly at the White House residence and events, it is unusual for Hunter Biden to be in and around meetings his father is having with his team, these people said. They said the president’s aides were struck by his presence during their discussions,” NBC News noted of the younger Biden who was convicted on three gun-related felonies last month.

Since returning to the White House from Camp David, Maryland, on Monday, the president has reportedly had his son closely advising him and, according to one source, has “popped into” meetings and phone calls the 81-year-old commander-in-chief has been having with advisers.

“Hunter came back with the President from their family weekend at Camp David and went with the President straight into speech prep,” White House spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement, referring to the president’s brief remarks on the Supreme Court’s decision on presidential immunity.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded to questions about Hunter’s presence at the White House during a press briefing, claiming the president is close to his family and “this is a holiday week.”

Following Biden’s disastrous debate performance against former President Donald Trump, a chorus of voices – including from his own party – have called for him to step off the Democrat ticket. Reports indicated that the president’s family, notably Hunter Biden and first lady Jill Biden, have urged him to remain in the race.

The latest reports on Hunter Biden’s presence at the White House and the president’s insistence that his debate catastrophe was due to a trip he took nearly two weeks before the event had CNN commentator Scott Jennings concluding that the administration is “off the rails.”

“This is an amazing day,” Jennings said on “OutFront” Tuesday.

“Number one, the New York Times reporting that he’s lapsing in meetings. This is becoming more frequent. Number two, we found out today that a felon and a crack addict is now sitting in on White House senior staff meetings. And number three, the president is now tonight to his own donors, blaming a foreign trip that ended 12 days before the debate for his disastrous performance on Thursday,” he said.

He then pounced on comments by Jamal Simmons, a former communications director for Vice President Kamala Harris, who turned the focus on Trump’s legal woes.

“Are you comfortable, Jamal? Are you comfortable with Hunter Biden running White House senior staff meetings? Do you think this is good? Do you think this is good?” Jennings asked.

We’re talking about Joe Biden who is admitting to his own donors – people in your party – that he can’t both perform and campaign. And you want to talk about the Mar-a-Lago documents case, which is not gonna come to trial before November,” Jennings said. “This is the sitting president. You worked for him. I wanna know if you were in a senior staff meeting, would you want Hunter Biden looking over your shoulder? That’s my question.”