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Michelle Obama is the only Dem that beats Trump in hypothetical matchup – and by a HUGE number


A flurry of polls has been conducted following President Joe BIden’s disastrous debate performance with many looking at hypothetical matchups between former President Donald Trump and others who could replace Biden on the Democrat ticket.

Amid panicked reports on left-wing media about scenarios that would replace Biden as the Democrat nominee, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll showed Biden and Trump tied with 40% each. However, when other potential Democrat contenders were pitted against the former president and presumptive Republican nominee, only one name came out as a clear winner.

Democratic Governors Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Andy Beshear, and J.B. Pritzker trailed Trump in the poll which was conducted July 1-2. Vice President Kamala Harris pulled in 42% to Trump’s 43% in a hypothetical matchup. But it was Democrats’ dream candidate, former first lady Michelle Obama who bested Trump in the poll.

“Among the names of top Democrats put before respondents, only Michelle Obama, wife of former Democratic President Barack Obama, outperformed Biden and led Trump 50% to 39% in a hypothetical matchup,” Reuters reported.

“In hypothetical matchups with Democratic candidates other than Biden, former first lady Michelle Obama is the only hypothetical candidate to definitively defeat Trump in this poll,” according to the survey. “Michelle Obama also tops the charts in favorability among registered voters, with Trump and Biden trailing her by more than 10 percentage points each.”

“When asked about hypothetical Democratic candidate matches against Trump, 50% of registered voters say they would vote for Michelle Obama, and just 39% say they would vote for Trump,” the poll noted.

Obama scored a 55% favorable rating as compared to Trump’s 42% while Biden fared worse with a 38%favorable rating. The former first lady has already shot down efforts to get her in the race.

“Nearly three in five (56%) Americans agree Biden should drop out of the race following the debate,” the Ipsos survey found. “While just 11% of Republicans say Trump should drop out following the debate, about one-third (32%) of Democrats agree Biden should drop out.”

While those polled certainly felt strongly about Michelle Obama running, many social media users had strong opinions in the other direction.

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