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Leaked post-debate Trump video backfires BIGLY on libs, master troller shares it himself!


A leaked video of comments made by former President Donald Trump is making the rounds on social media and igniting much commentary.

The unfiltered remarks by the presumptive Republican nominee centered around his debate with President Joe Biden and his view on Vice President Kamala Harris. Notably, viewers of the secretly filmed clip shredded whoever took the video and leaked it and many others on social media noted this only reinforced that how authentic Trump is.

Questions about whether the video is real seemed to be put at rest by Trump himself who took the opportunity to repost it himself on Truth Social where he took the opportunity to push one of his latest proposed policies.

**WARNING: Language**

“How did I do with the debate the other night? I kicked that old, broken down pile of crap…He’s quitting the race,” Trump can be overheard in the video clip.

“I got him out the race, and that means we have Kamala. I think she’s going to be better. She’s so bad. She’s so pathetic. She’s just so f**king bad,” Trump, seated in a golf cart, told the unidentified person(s) off camera.

“Can you imagine that guy [Biden] with dealing with Putin and the president of China, who’s a fierce person? He’s a fierce man. Very tough guy,” Trump added before driving away.

Naturally, Trump’s critics pounced on the “disqualifying” video, hoping it painted him as the threat to democracy they always claim he is.

“Trump caught on video praising Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping while sitting in his golf cart: ‘He’s a fierce person. He’s a fierce man,'” the official Biden-Harris campaign account posted on X, somehow seeing “fierce” as a compliment and not sharing the full video.

Social media users quickly threw cold water on the criticisms, noting how their attempts to smear Trump tend to backfire and that the former president’s no-nonsense views are what appeal to many Americans.

Many on X blasted whoever took the video and leaked it.