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Catholic school allows trans students to live in dorms associated with their perceived gender identity


John Parker, Campus Reform article

A video released on May 10 by O’Keefe Media Group reveals that the University of Saint Thomas in Minnesota allows transgender students to live in dorms associated with their perceived gender identity without the knowledge of other students.

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The video was filmed by an anonymous citizen journalist and an unnamed O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) journalist.

OMG is a media company started by former head of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe.

On a phone call with an unnamed university official, the citizen journalist, posing as the sibling of a fictitious transgender woman – a biological man –  discussed the school’s transgender housing policy, and received clarification that transgender women could be housed with biological females anonymously.

“Hi, I just called and I spoke with a girl about my trans sister dorming at the university. Would the other roommate know that she’s transgender?” the citizen journalist asked. “If you want to keep it confidential, then we will keep it confidential,” the university official replied over the phone.

“Would she be able to like, room with, on the female floors, like with cisgender females?” the citizen journalist asked. “Yes, yes.” the official replied. “If she identifies as female, then she is able to room with the female side.”

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The citizen and OMG journalists received further confirmation of the dorm policy during an in-person meeting with university official Zoe Chang, Director of Residence.

Chang revealed that the fictitious transgender sister could be accommodated, given a room in a biological women’s dorm, and even have a female roommate, who would not be told her roommate’s biological sex.

Further, when the two journalists asked if the fictitious trans sibling could live alone, Chang said yes, and explained that the fictitious sibling would be charged a reduced rate for being transgender and would be moved to the top of the waiting list.

“Now why, just out of curiosity, why don’t you tell the other students?” the citizen journalist asked. “Would there be a big uproar?”

“Probably, here at Saint Thomas, there would be a mix of responses,” Chang replied, blaming the school’s association with Christian, Catholic, and conservative values.

Chang went on to say the situation would be “weird” if the school was transparent with parents about its policies.

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The video’s release has sparked backlash from some students.

“Just knowing that a guy would be able to come in — and, I think, especially as a freshman, you’re already kind of nervous being in a new environment,” one anonymous student told The National Catholic Register. “If the university says it stands for and respects all students, that should include all students and not just one group. They can’t just care for one group of people, what they say they stand for and accommodate, to just that one group of people.”

Campus Reform has reached out to University of Saint Thomas Media Relations and the College Republicans at the University of Saint Thomas. This article will be updated as needed.

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Republished with permission from Campus Reform

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