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BLM blames conservatives for cross-dressing BLM activist mass shooter in Philly


BLM protest

A mass shooting in Philadelphia on Monday was making headlines until it was revealed that the shooter was a black male, cross-dressing Black Lives Matter activist.

The shooter has been identified as a biological male who shot into a crowd, killing five people including a 15-year-old boy, and injuring many others including a two-year-old who was shot in the leg.

In a desperate attempt to pivot blame, a BLM activist at a recent press conference suggested that conservative media is to blame as the shooter identified as a male, and reporting otherwise is “violent and dangerous and is targeting trans women of color.”

BLM needs to take ownership of the violent rhetoric it has espoused since it arrived on the scene, tearing apart and setting fire to neighborhoods across the country. Leave conservatives out of it.  The left has their own rhetoric to contend with.  They continue to tell the trans community that there is some sort of nazi-like genocide being planned against them and the president of the United States has told them that half of the country are white-supremacists.   Eventually, someone is going to take action; in fact they already have.

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