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White House press sec., asked if Biden still refuses to acknowledge his grandchild, has chilling answer


When asked if President Biden acknowledges his bad-boy son’s 4-yr-old daughter Navy, White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, continued to evade answering the question, leaving little doubt as to whether or not the Biden’s acknowledge their seventh grandchild.

Rumors going around suggest that White House aides have been briefed that the Biden’s have only six grandchildren, which again, answers the question with sickening clarity.  Hunter Biden’s recent child does not exist to the family occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It might be opportune to mention how the press and democrats would respond if one of Donald Trump’s children had a child with a stripper and the Trump’s refused to acknowledge her existence.  Recently Hunter Biden even tried to lower his child support payments for the non-existent little girl.

Joe Biden campaigned on returning ‘decency’ to the White House.  If the Biden’s are going to lecture Americans on decency it would behoove them to be decent themselves.

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