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Is Ray Epps mad because he’s about to be charged for January 6?


Through Ray Epps suit against Fox and Tucker Carlson, the Jan. 6th instigator says he is going to be charged by the DOJ.

On Wednesday, Congressman Troy Nehls asked Director Christopher Wray directly, if the FBI is protecting Epps.

The lawsuit states that In May of 2023, the DOJ would seek to charge him, but after 31 months he has yet to be charged.

Director Wray was asked if Epps was a secret government agent, and replied that it was “ludicrous” and a “disservice” to “our brave, hard working men and women.”  But many are asking why, then, has Epps still not been charged?

Little by little, the truth about January 6th continues to be exposed along with the political theater performances of the January 6th Commission and its star players: Schiff, Cheney and Kinzinger.

With Epps having still not been arrested, many are asking the simple question, that while so many have been charged for just being there, why hasn’t Epps been charged?

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