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‘My office did it’: FBI chief Wray called out for multiple ‘lies,’ admits Bidens’ shakedown probe


FBI Director Wray

A lot is going on with FBI Director Christopher Wray and his recent grilling before the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.  Here’s the rundown:

When he was asked what the definition of “disinformation” was, he said that disinformation wasn’t really the FBI’s department, outside of disinformation coming from foreign agents.

Over 50 former intelligence community officials knew the Hunter Biden laptop story was NOT Russian disinformation, even though they said it was.  It would appear to many that “disinformation” is really a distraction from the truth when that truth is inconvenient for democrats.

Remember the “radicalized parent activists” who were “targeting school boards?”  This was back when parents were protesting the teaching of critical race theory in schools. Liberals and liberal controlled school boards assured us that critical race theory wasn’t being taught in schools, while at the same time being rather upset about the prospect of CRT being banned. Which is it exactly?  Is it happening in the schools or isn’t it happening in the schools?  Why vilify parents if it isn’t happening?

Not long after the parental backlash, the National School Board Association asked the Biden administration to look into angry parents as “domestic terrorists” and their appearances at school board meetings as “hate crimes.”  That didn’t go as planned, and the NSBA risked losing millions from state chapters pulling out of the organization as a result.

Attorney General Merrick Garland never disbanded his school board task force, despite the backlash. FBI Director Christopher Wray was asked about the “domestic terrorist” label before the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday and lied, according to an FBI whistleblower.

In addition to these lies, Director Wray has basically confirmed that Joe Biden is under criminal investigation for taking Ukrainian bribes, which should be front page news.

Representative Matt Gaetz also confronted Director Wray, under oath, with regard to the Hunter shakedown text: “You seem deeply uncurious about it – almost suspiciously uncurious.  Are you protecting the Biden’s?”  PURE FIRE!

We would love to hear your comments below on this breaking news!  Why is the mainstream media not reporting on the Biden bribery investigation?  Is  Director Wray credible?  Will Wednesday’s hearing change anything?  Sound off!

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