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Fox & Friends co-hosts taunt Trump over not showing up for debate, as he boasts straw poll results



At the Turning Point Action conference, which was held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in Florida over the weekend, former president Donald Trump won the straw poll, trouncing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the other 2024 GOP contenders by a wide margin.

TPUSA founder and president, Charlie Kirk, announced the results from the stage Sunday afternoon, noting that Vivek Ramaswamy took second, as opposed to DeSantis, Mike Pence, Chris Christie, Nikki Haley, or any of the other notable and prominent candidates.

Trump gloated on Truth Social posting:

“Just heard that I (WE!) won the big Turning Point Straw Poll in a BLOWOUT, getting 85.7% of the Vote,” wrote Trump. “Ron DeSantimonious came in a solid 3rd with 4.3%, Vivek got 2%, and Sloppy Chris Christie, as usual, got a big, fat, ZERO!”

Donald J. Trump

On Fox & Friends, the co-hosts called Trump out, asking him to show up to the first GOP primary debate, which will be hosted by Fox News.

Trump has repeatedly said that he will likely skip the first debates because of his significant lead in the primary polls.

Steve Doocy essetially pressured the former president, saying, “It would be great to see Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis and Chris Christie just duke it out. That’s why they call it a debate. And then, you know, so many people have said, well, Donald Trump… he’s done so well in debates in the past. All right. Show up, debate, and shine. This is his big chance.”

Co-host Brian Kilmeade agreed, saying, “If he’s thinking he’s going to get the nomination, the best thing to do is to go into training.”

Doocy concluded by saying, “Well, if he doesn’t show up, then you are going to hear a constant, you know, people are going to say, what was he afraid of? Why didn’t he show up? Yeah, sitting on the lead. But we’re trying to figure out who exactly should be the next president.”

Donald Trump’s strategy for the time being remains staying in the lead and above the fray, with his voice being heard at his numerous rallies, attended by thousands.

Trump has said his campaign and his joint fund-raising committee has raised $35 million in the second quarter.

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