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Daily BS morning mug shot 7-24


Happy Monday, friends and fellow Dittoheads!

No disrespect to the Head Twit, but Musk really put a wrench in our new segment over the weekend. We need a new title for our daily tweet round up thanks to the big guy’s big weekend shakeup. (not that “big guy”)

“Soon we will bury all the birds,” he says. No more Twitter and no more tweets? Not sure how we feel about this yet, but we definitely need a new title for the segment that we were calling a daily “tweet troll.” Suggestions are welcome!

There is no way we could cover all the backlash on this, but we would love to get your thoughts.

“Where do I sign up to give 5$ to a trans person to help them cope with life,” you ask? Here you go:

You probably saw the disgraced USA women’s soccer team stand silent during our National Anthem. Behold the way it is supposed to look.

Defiant Jason Aldean stood up to the left-wing bullies and praised country music fans “who can see through all the bulls**t” at his Cincinnati concert last night in response to backlash from his new music video, ‘Try That in a Small Town.’

Sorry for harshing your mellow on a fine Monday Morning, but we can’t just ignore this.

Self-explanatory. Scary as hell if you are a parent.

What the hell is going on here?

We got a few special requests to include pet tweets. How could we have missed that? Here’s an irresistible one.

Just listen. Please forward this to Kamala Harris when you have a moment.

Ending with a favorite. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Let’s have a great week and keep the conversation civil. It’s our country and we all need to live in it together.

Please feel free to comment. Let’s just talk!


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