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Daily BS morning mug shot 7-25


Good morning!

Ready for the daily grind? Here are some tweets that caught our eye this morning. Feel free to add to the comments!

Let’s start with the Meathead himself. The uptight Hollywood blowhard actually just called Joe Biden the most accomplished president in 60 years. Ignorance is only bliss for the ignorant. The rest of us are suffering, dude.

Congresswoman AOC was bored.

Naturally, she headed to the  NYC picket lines with striking actors & writers to screech about corporate greed: “How Many Private Jets Does David Zaslav Need?”

AOC spending a lot of taxpayer-funded time with rich celebrities is annoying and predictable. Let’s be honest, better them than us.

The impeachment of Joe Biden is hot news this morning. If only we could believe the GOP leadership has a spine.

Confirmation from the White House that you are being hosed, again.

Doctors asking about a trans person’s gender is traumatizing. Dude, you are visiting the WRONG KIND OF DOCTOR!

Also, maybe get a script for gummies while you are there. Just sayin’.

This is Nancy Pelosi’s district. Makes perfect sense to me.

Who’s going to stand up for us? When does the delusion stop? This is a powerful rant.

Finally, our furry friends.

I feel like this most days I show up for work.

BS abounds! Let’s talk!

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