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Daily BS morning mug shots: 8-9


Good morning!

There was a ton of BS on Twitter this morning. And not the good kind.

Let’s start with this doozy from former President Trump.

Speaking of former President Trump … Check out this idea from Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. Tell me what you think in the comments.

A dose of Kamala’s wisdom. The lies are getting bolder and bolder.


This is infuriating. A political pump-and-dump taxpayer-funded scam and they get to do it right in our faces.

This surprises no one.

We cannot forget what they did. We don’t like to dwell on horrible things, but we just can’t forget or it will be worse the next time.

Again, we can’t forget.

This is pretty funny.

Enough of her. I know. But, just listen to this answer. We had to share.

What is the answer to this? Where do we even start?

This counts as funny, but then you remember that he is still our president. Sigh.

At least you can be encouraged by this super short message from America’s small caffeinated mom, Rhonda Schrock.

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