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Tucker’s EXPLOSIVE hour with Capitol Police Chief from Jan 6, Fox News wouldn’t put on air


Steven Sund, the former Chief of the Capitol Police, sat down with Tucker Carlson for a second interview after the first one was nixed by previous employer Fox News, according to Carlson.

In true Tucker style, he brought in the man with explosive first-hand knowledge of a possible government cover-up for an exclusive second round. Carlson didn’t mention any theories on why Fox News canned the first interview without airing it.

Every American should hear it in its entirety.

Sund highlights in great detail the refusal to share intelligence with him by multiple agencies leading up to the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

“This was handled VERY differently,” he stressed over and over to Carlson while offering a blow-by-blow of the timeline and responses from his superiors on that day.

Sund’s story raises stunning unanswered questions. He says it’s hard for him to believe that two and a half years later, this coverup is still going on.

“I knew something strange was going on. How can somebody not look at something like this and not think something is odd?” the veteran officer said. “This didn’t have to happen.”

Sund compared the 2020 BML riots on the Capitol to the January 6 events where he says Secret Service agents were bloody and battered. An occupied hotel was set on fire.

“I was told all charges were dropped,” he said.

“This looks like a scam!” Carlson concluded after mountains of evidence were presented by Sund in detail, including unacceptable fishy behavior by Nancy Pelosi, the Jan 6th sham committee, his superiors, Mayor Bowser, Ray Epps, the FBI, etc…

Carlson is on his 15th episode of the post-Fox News show that has fans coming back for more every week on X, formerly known as Twitter. Listen to the episode here:

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