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Daily BS morning mug shots 8-14


Good morning!

The weekend fun is over. It’s time to jump into the cold shower of Monday. A tasty hot mug and some steamy BS should fire you up for the workday.

Let’s get caught up!

The Iowa State Fair was the highlight of the weekend, politically speaking. As is the tradition, candidates showed up in casual clothes, stuffed their faces, and behaved like regular Americans for a day. The Hill reports:

Trump visited the annual Iowa event Saturday — the same day that his chief primary rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, was also there. Though the two men charted their own courses in dueling appearances throughout the state fair, DeSantis was seemingly unable to shake off Trump, as has been the case for much of his campaign so far.


As DeSantis flipped meat on the grill at the Pork Producers tent alongside Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R), Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and Rep. Zach Nunn (R-Iowa), a group of Trump supporters stood a few feet away, wearing Trump hats or wearing signs that said “President Donald J. Trump Back to Back Iowa Champ 2016 2020.”

We found a clip (unrelated to the two top frontrunners) that went viral on Twitter — and for good reason. Check out how Ramaswamy handles this “would-be gotcha” question. Like a boss!


If this doesn’t make you sick to your stomach, you may need a gut check. This entire tweet spells out some things most of us knew or suspected. Much of it was reported by the Daily BS last week. Will there never be any accountability?


Chucky said the quiet part out loud over the weekend and his peeps are mad.


Heart-pounding action. We hope everyone is ok. The plane landed in a parking lot nearby, reports say.


A bit of quick humor.


We brought you something similar last week. These are first-hand accounts of how much cleaner and safer other places in the world are compared to the US. This is not us trashing America. The libs have already done that. This is us begging Americans to notice so they can clean it up.


This is coming and a majority of Americans will not be paying attention until it is too late.


Not a fan of scripted apologies that sound insincere.


This is so wrong and we hate to have to keep sounding alarms but it is better than shoving our heads in the sand.


One more on Ramaswamy. He is asked if he will actually be able to SHUT DOWN the FBI and other corrupt elements of government. His answer is fire and he’s going to get Trump to help him, he says.

“I respect President Trump, I don’t bash him because I think he was an excellent president and we have a good relationship of mutual respect. I expect him to be an adviser, even a sort of mentor when I’m in the White House, teaching me where the bodies are buried, how to go further than he went. That’s my mission with our America First agenda and that’s the relationship that I expect.”


A parody of Jason Aldean’s famous lib-triggering song? Yes, please.


Finally, a super quick dose of America’s Small Caffeinated Mom, Rhonda Schrock. She’s addictive. In a good way.

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